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Written by BigFishLittle   

Welcome to the Peterborough and District Angling Association Website.

Whether you're a serious match angler or just looking for a leisurely day out, the River Nene will have you hooked to fishing. The Peterborough and District Angling Association (PDAA) founded in 1875 is a friendly fishing club that controls the fishing rights on the River Nene around Peterborough. The extent of this coverage is from the A1 at Wansford,  downstream to the "Dog-in-a-Doublet" sluice, where it meets the tidal Nene. Most areas of the River Nene controlled by the PDAA are clearly signed, and are available to be fished by members or visitors. Although PDAA leases from local landowners and Trusts some of the fishing, it does in fact own large areas of banks in it's own right. The River Nene contains a variety of species fish including, barbel, bleak, bream, carp, chub, dace, eel, gudgeon, roach, rudd, perch, pike, tench, and zander, with some large specimens of most species. The PDAA also controls The Gunwade and Overton lakes at Ferry Meadows, which in turn contain a large head of bream (up to 10lbs), (carp over 40lbs), pike (up to 30lbs), and zander (up to 14lbs), plus all the other species, found in The Nene.

Everyone is welcome with both Day and Annual Membership available. Welcome to our Website!